New Copyright Guidelines at UBC (as of Sept 1/11)

The University of British Columbia has transitioned to a new copyright environment. Please read the announcement from the Provost and Vice-President Academic to learn more about this transition. It is important that UBC Faculty members, staff and students comply with copyright law in order to mitigate personal and University risk. Knowing how copyright works is essential.

Copyright obligations that are imposed on UBC and its faculty have always existed, whether in the prior Access Copyright environment, or the new copyright environment that UBC has transitioning into.  The Copyright Advisory Group was created to help you understand these obligations and minimise liability for copyright infringement for UBC and individuals within the university community.  UBC has not imposed any new copyright obligations on its faculty with regard to this, and these have always existed at law.

For the latest information on the new copyright guidelines at UBC, including news, workshops and resources, please bookmark the UBC Copyright website for ongoing reference.

For specific questions on copyright issues, please direct your questions to the appropriate copyright contact person.