Upcoming workshops and education sessions to help faculty, staff, and students understand the appropriate use of copyrighted material at UBC. To see a listing of past events, please visit the Copyright Education Calendar at UBC Events.

Vancouver Campus:

Copyright Workshop Series

Okanagan Campus:

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Okanagan Campus, Centre for Scholarly Communication Copyright Workshops

Copyright for Thesis Writing

January 16, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM in LIB 111, Okanagan campus

January 23, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM in LIB 111, Okanagan campus

Are you using images, tables, or sections from published work in your thesis? Do you have concerns about how copyright laws could delay your thesis submission? In this workshop, you will learn:

  • to inspect your thesis for copyright compliance
  • to determine whether you require any copyright permissions
  • about creative commons licenses
  • about using material from online resources
  • about author rights

The last segment of the workshop will include an opportunity for you to ask copyright questions about your thesis. Bring your thesis or other work you need copyright guidance on. Suitable for graduate students from all disciplines.

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Manage Your Rights to Make Your Publications Widely Available

January 25, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM in LIB 111, Okanagan campus

Learn more about the publishing agreements you sign to better understand copyright and author rights, including how they relate to funder open access policies if you are publishing grant-funded research. We encourage you to bring copies of your publishing agreements. Suitable for graduate students and faculty from all disciplines.

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