The Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office

The Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office supports scholarly communications and copyright services for the UBC community. Our office advises faculty and staff on the application of UBC's copyright requirements and guidelines in a higher education setting and provides a range of services to support faculty, staff and students in the preparation of their course materials, assignments, presentations and publications. We have developed various communications measures and services to help build awareness about copyright and provide information to assist the university community understand copyright requirements. Current information is available at the Copyright @ UBC website.

We also support a number of scholarly communications initiatives in support of both the institution and UBC scholars who are in engaged in open scholarship. We are committed to a strong client service ethic in the delivery of our services.

Who We Are

Allan Bell

Allan Bell, Associate University Librarian, Digital Programs and Services allan.bell@ubc.ca | 604-827-4830

Among other responsibilities, Allan oversees the management and ongoing development of the Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office. He leads the planning, coordination, analysis and implementation of new service models that focus on the provision of Intellectual Property and copyright support for the UBC Community. He also identifies recommended and sustainable service models to support scholarly communication activities on the campus and coordinates formalized discussion and education of these issues with faculty, students, and research and publishing constituencies on the UBC's Vancouver campus.

Peter D. James, Intellectual Property and Copyright Services Librarian peter.james@ubc.ca or copyright.services@ubc.ca | 604-822-3720

Peter oversees the daily operations of the Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office. His role involves liaising with academic faculties and departments, coordinating campus instruction on copyright and author rights, responding to copyright-related questions, and investigating the copyright status of selected materials. He provides operational assistance to the Director, Library Digital Initiatives in the provision of copyright and intellectual property services to UBC users.

Simonida Jocic

Simonida Jocic, Rights & Permissions Manager simonida.jocic@ubc.ca | 604-822-6742

Simonida manages the Rights & Permissions service. Her role is to process faculty and instructor requests for copyrighted materials for use in course instruction and library course reserves. Her position liaises with Library course reserves, Library branches, and the UBC Bookstore to promote access to required course materials that are not currently held within the Library’s collections.

Julia Boswell

Julia Boswell, Senior Rights & Permissions Assistant julia.boswell@ubc.ca | 604-827-2019

Assists the Rights & Permissions Manager to process faculty and instructor requests for copyrighted materials for use in course instruction and library course reserves.

Alayne Campbell

Alayne Campbell, Rights & Permissions Assistant alayne.campbell@ubc.ca | 604-827-2492

Assists the Rights & Permissions Manager to process faculty and instructor requests for copyrighted materials for use in course instruction and library course reserves.

Cecilia Canal

Cecilia Canal, Rights & Permissions Assistant cecilia.canal@ubc.ca | 604-827-5619

Assists the Rights & Permissions Manager to process faculty and instructor requests for copyrighted materials for use in course instruction and library course reserves.

Anton Nonin, Rights & Permissions Assistant anton.nonin@ubc.ca | 604-827-5619

Assists the Rights & Permissions Manager to process faculty and instructor requests for copyrighted materials for use in course instruction and library course reserves.

Student Assistants

Logan Bingle and Devon Mordell are graduate students in the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS) at UBC who assist the copyright team to deliver services to the university community.

Scholarly Communications Services

Provides guidance on open access, creative commons, rights management for authors, supports for new models of scholarship

The Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office

  • supports UBC's commitment to develop a campus strategy for enhancing UBC's scholarly communications on global issues,
  • assists in producing high-quality research and scholarship, and increasing its impact,
  • provides additional mechanisms to enhance knowledge exchange and mobilization, and
  • assists in making UBC's research open and accessible, as stated in UBC's Strategic Plan for Research Excellence.

Rights Management Services for Authors & Creators

Provides guidance on the rights of authors & creators

  • Advising faculty on author rights, publisher agreements, and content licensing issues for traditional and evolving models of scholarly communication
  • Responding to queries about digital rights for producers and users of digital content

CONTACT: scholarly.communications@ubc.ca

Open Access Memberships

In collaboration with UBC Library's Collections Management, the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office facilitates institutional memberships for a number of open access publishers. These memberships entitle UBC authors to discounts on article submission fees. For more information, please visit our list of institutional memberships.

PKP Partnership: Open Access Journal & Monograph Hosting

The UBC Library hosts journals for faculty members who are editing or supporting open access e-journals utilizing Open Journal Systems (OJS) software. This includes BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly, the Canadian Journal of Higher Education, and the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice.

The service model is based on partnership: we bring together journal editors and Library staff to establish a permanent, high-profile home for your publication.

Library staff ensure that your journal content is preservable for the long term, discoverable by readers, and standardized for compliance with today’s digital publishing technologies. Journal editors perform editorial functions.

We will soon be offering hosting services for open access monographs, and are currently testing Open Monograph Press.

To learn more about becoming an OJS partner, please contact Bronwen Sprout.

Education & Consultation

The Scholarly Communications & Copyright Coordinator is available to visit your office, department, class, or other groups to consult or give presentations on a range of topics including Open Access, Creative Commons, and new trends in digital scholarship and scholarly communication.

Contact scholarly.communications@ubc.ca to schedule a consultation or presentation.

Copyright Services

Copyright Education

The Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office provides workshops and educational materials on copyright and intellectual property, including:

  • copyright resources through the Copyright @ UBC website
  • custom workshops and training for faculty, staff, and students
  • updates and Q&As at faculty departmental meetings

Members of the team are available to speak on copyright compliance at departmental meetings and committee meetings. Schedule a workshop or presentation or departmental visit by email, or register for one of our ongoing copyright workshops.

Copyright Consultation & Course Support

Provides copyright consultation & support

Members of the Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office are available to work one-on-one with the university community to ensure their teaching and instructional materials are copyright compliant. Services include:

Copyright Consultations
Provision of information on topics related to copyright compliance for the university community (email, phone, and in-person)
Course Reviews
Copyright compliance reviews of teaching and instructional materials for faculty and instructors, and assistance with obtaining any necessary copyright permissions

Send your question or request for a consultation by email, or attend one of our copyright workshops or drop-in clinics.

CONTACT: copyright.services@ubc.ca or peter.james@ubc.ca | 604-822-3720

Rights & Permissions

Provides assistance with course-related copyright permissions for faculty and instructors

Rights & Permissions services include:

Copyright Permissions
Obtaining and tracking course-related copyright permissions and transactional licenses for faculty and instructors
Processing Items in Library Course Reserves
Ensures that all requests for copyrighted materials in the new Library Course Reserves system are processed uniformly according to the requirements and guidelines of the University
Records Management
Maintains records of all permissions and transactional licenses undertaken by the Office

CONTACT: permissions.office@ubc.ca or simonida.jocic@ubc.ca | 604-822-6742

source: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Copyright:Website/About